Kongsfjord - 7043'N 2921'E


Current antennas per 8 September 2020:


Beverage antennas

1: 50 degrees, 500 meters
Aimed at the North Island of New Zealand.

2: 310 degrees, 275 meters
Aimed at eastern North America, also good towards Mexico and northern South America.

3: 340 degrees, 2 x 370 meters in parallel, 70 meter spacing, DX Engineering phasing units.
Aimed at western North America.


Antennas use Hofi superstrong steel/copper wire,
and are fed with DX Engineering coaxial cables into active Wellbrook
splitters in-door.
Average height above ground for beverages is 1 meters.


This is along the 058 Asia/Pacific antenna. Yes - that's Tonga in the distance ...

Antenna inspection in October 2002 at the termination of the 358 antenna.