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Receiver data sheets

This page is not directly related to Kongsfjord activities, but we thought it could be nice to have a common place to store (primarily VLF/LF/HF) receiver data sheets. This is information that often is useful when considering new or used receivers, and that's something we do all the time ... 

Some files are original PDF-files, others are scanned images of varying quality. However, they should all be legible. If you have problems reading some of them or have data sheets that you would like to add to the site, please

Several of the data sheets below have been received from you readers. Thank you very much! Continue the good work! This way we increase the usability of this site to all of us.

Please note that you will need Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer to read these PDF-files. You can download the newest version of Acrobat Reader free here.


AOR MRCM Products

Dansk Radio



Rohde & Schwarz
R L Drake Company Siemens

ESKA Elektronik

Hagenuk Standard Radio & Telefon AB
Harris TenTec


Trio Kenwood
Japan Radio Company Watkins-Johnson
Kentec Yaesu


AOR AR-7030 (Plus) data sheet

Dansk Radio

RX4000 specifications

RX4010 data sheet


Datong FL2 (FL3) user manual

Dating ANF user manual

Datong general review

R L Drake Company

Drake R7

ESKA Elektronik



RX3002 data sheet


Harris R-2368B

Harris RF-590A


Icom IC-R71A/D/E data sheet

Icom IC-R72 data sheet

Icom IC-R75 data sheet

Japan Radio Company

NRD-301A data sheet

NRD-505 data sheet

NRD-515 data sheet

NRD-525 data sheet

NRD-535 data sheet

NRD-545 data sheet


Kentec BCL 1 data sheet (Swedish)


Lowe HF-150 data sheet

Lowe HF-225 data sheet

Lowe HF-225 Europa particularities

Lowe HF-250 data sheet

MRCM Products

General receiver brochure (featuring receivers MRR2000, MRR30 and MRX30)


Racal RA3701/02 receivers data sheet

Racal RA3711/12 receivers data sheet

Racal RA3721/22 receivers data sheet

Racal RA3791/92/93/94 receivers data sheet

Racal RA3796 datasheet

Rohde & Schwarz

EB200 data sheet

EK070 data sheet

EK085 data sheet

EK890 data sheet

EK890 family data sheet

EK895 & EK896 data sheet

ESMB data sheet

ESMC data sheet


CHR531 technical data (from German manual)


R5001 technical data (from English manual)

R8001 technical data (from English manual)

R8003 data sheet

Standard Radio & Telefon AB

General brochure (showing the CR90/CR91 receiver)

CR90 data sheet

CR91 data sheet


TenTec RX-340 data sheet

Trio Kenwood

Kenwood R-2000 data sheet

Kenwood R-5000 data sheet


Condensed Product Catalog  (around 1993) (NB: This file is quite large, 5 MB, 36 pages)

WJ-8611 data sheet (2005)

WJ-8711 data sheet (March 1993)

WJ-8711A data sheet

WJ-8711A data sheet (2005)

WJ-8711-SEU data sheet

WJ-8712 data sheet (March 1993)

WJ-8712P data sheet

WJ-8940B Receiving System data sheet

WJ-8922 technical data sheet

WJ-8999 technical data sheet


FRG-8800 data sheet