Kongsfjord - 70°43'N 29°21'E

Odd-Jørgen Sagdahl, Trondheim, Norway

Born 1964 - started DX-ing 1977

Number of KONG-expeditions: most

Married, two daughters.


Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to email me. You can reach me at "ojs" at "kongsfjord" dot "no".

Other interests:

Cooking and consuming good food and drink, ocean fishing, travel, movies, music.

Receiver(s) at home location:

AOR AR-7030+

1 x RF Space SDR-IQ Siemens CHR531
Etón E1 XM 5 x Microtelecom Perseus Trio 9R-59DS

Collins (EAC) R-390A

1 x SRL QS1R Watkins-Johnson HF-1000A
Racal RA6790/GM Rohde & Schwarz EK895 Watkins-Johnson WJ-8712P

Antenna(s) at home location: None - only listening remote from Smøla and Kongsfjord.