Kongsfjord - 70°43'N 29°21'E

Ole Forr, Hundorp, Norway

Born 1957 - started DX-ing 1970

Number of KONG-expeditions: 3 + the pre-KONG expedition WINDX 1975/76

Married to Kari, 2 boys Olaf (1990) and Håkon (1994) - both born April 5th! 

Other interests:
HAM radio (call sign LA6EIA since 1992), stamp collecting.

Blog: http://la6eia.blogspot.com/


Receiver(s) at home location:

AOR AR-7030

JRC JST-135 (TX) Sony ST-SE700 FM tuner
Collins 51J-4 JRC NRD-525 2 x TRIO 9R59DS

Antenna(s) at home location:




Other relevant equipment:

Sony MZ-R50, MDS-JE530 minidisks + Pioneer CT-W330 double cassette deck

Best logging(s) at home location:

Radio Bandera Tricolor, Cochabamba 1380
ZYJ674 Radio Vilhena, RO 1450
ZYJ675 Radio Ariquemes, RO 1460