Kongsfjord - 7043'N 2921'E

Rolf Torvik, Kristiansund, Norway

Born 1959 - started DX-ing 1974

Number of KONG-expeditions: 9

Married to Ragnhild Fausa, three children, Kari (1991), Jenny (1996), Anders (2002).
Works as an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry (Vetco Int., Offshore Systems). Phd in Chemical Engineering (1990)

Other interests:


Receivers and tranceivers at home location:

AEG/DASA E-1800/3

3 x Rohde & Schwarz EK 07 Sony SW07

AOR AR-7030+

Rohde & Schwarz EK 47

Sony SW77

Collins 75S-1

Rohde & Schwarz EK 56/4

Telefunken E 748

Collins 51-J4

Rohde & Schwarz HFH BN15001 Telefunken ELK 639
Collins R-390A Rohde & Schwarz NZ10 Watkins-Johnson WJ775-13

Eddystone 830/7

Rohde & Schwarz NZ47 Watkins-Johnson WJ977-5

Eska RX-99PL

Sailor 46T Watkins-Johnson DRO309A-2

iCom IC-PCR1000

Sailor 46TD Watkins-Johnson SM9304A-1

Icom R75

Sailor R106N

Watkins-Johnson HF-1000A

Harris RF-230/RF-253 Sailor R1117/T1127
Watkins-Johnson WJ-8712


Sailor T122/32

Watkins-Johnson WJ-8718-9


Sailor T126

Watkins-Johnson WJ-8888B-2

JRC NRD-525 Eskab modified

Sailor T2130

Winradio G303i


Simrad RA2

Winradio 3150i-DSP

Plessey R-155 Skanti TRP4000 ...
2 x Racal RA17L 2 x Skanti R5001 ...
Racal RA17 mk II Skanti TRP5000 ...
Racal RA1792 Skanti R6000 ...

Racal RA6790/GM

Skanti TRP8408D


Antenna(s) at home location:

Beverage 270 m 223

Beverage 250 m 281


Best logging(s) at home location:

HOB49 Radio Panamericana, Panama 1140 kHz January 2004, KLEB Golden Meadow LA 1600 February 2004

Best logging(s) at KONG-expedition:

Samoa 540 kHz and Tonga 1017 kHz (KONG8)