Kongsfjord - 7043'N 2921'E

Tore Nilsen, Hamar, Norway

Tore checking his antennas at his cabin in the mountains, 30 kilometers north of Hamar, 800 meters above sea level, during a February 2003 venture.

Born 1946 - started DX-ing 1961 (although with some long breaks)

Number of KONG-expeditions: 1

Married to Ingrid, with daughters Guro (1974) and Ragni (1976). 

Other interests:
Music (opera), birdwatching and other outdoor activities, taking priority over DX-ing at times.


Receiver(s) at home location:

Collins 51J-4

Hammarlund HQ-180A Drake RR-3
AOR AR-7030 other "oldtimers"   

Antenna(s) at home location:

25 m LW

EWE 1: 205 4/12 meters

EWE 2: 270 5/14 meters

Antenna(s) at mountain cabin

Beverages 400-500 meters, 260 and 310, unterminated


Other relevant equipment:

Minidisc: Sony MZ-R90

Best logging(s) at home location:

CJOR Vancouver BC 600 (1975)

Best logging(s) at KONG-expedition:

KUAI Eleele HI 720