Kongsfjord - 70°43'N 29°21'E


A collection of photos from the Kongsfjord area. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Veines from a distance (c) Bjarne MjeldeVeines rocks I (c) Bjarne MjeldeVeines rocks II (c) Bjarne MjeldeVeines fog (c) Bjarne Mjelde

Midnight sun seen from Veines (c) Bjarne MjeldeFighting for survival (c) Bjarne MjeldeSilene acaulis & butterlyWiderøe DHC-8 landing at Berlevåg (c) Bjarne MjeldeThe coastal express calls at berlevag (c) Bjarne Mjelde

Snowy hills (c) Henning Mjelde Jakobsen  (407kB)Winter cliffs in Kongsfjord (c) Bjarne Mjelde (128 kB)Winter in Kongsfjord (c) Bjarne Mjelde (105 kB)Pacific antenna and the Barents Sea (c) OJS (536 kB)Rough seas (c) OJS (496 kB)Splash (c) OJS (506 kB)Cool waves (c) OJS (424kB)Overview over Veines (c) OJS (648 kB)Veines in summer haze (c) Bjarne Mjelde (197 kB)Springtime at Veines (c) Bjarne Mjelde (220 kB)Veines looking west in the evening (c) Bjarne Mjelde (113 kB)

Anntenna masters (c) OJS (34 kB)Beach at Veines (c) OJS (48kB)Veines looking west (c) OJS (44kB)Three DX-ers on a beach (c) OJS (38kB)

The North America antenna (c) Bjarne Mjelde (53kB)Rocky landscape (c) Rolf Torvik (552kB)Along the North America antenna (c) Rolf Torvik (591kB)Veines at ebb tide (c) Rolf Torvik (510 kB)Checking antennas (c) Rolf Torvik (565kB)

Arnstein in action while Bjarne is watching (or sleeping) (c) OJSRolf in deep concentration (c) OJSWidescreen picture of Tore and Bjarne (note Bjarnes right arm ...) (c) OJSOJ is very happy with his latest cathes - wearing a Maui T-shirt for the occacion (c) Bjarne MjeldeRolf and Bjarne in a more relaxed mood (c) OJS


You can see some excellent pictures from Kongsfjord and Veines (and even more from the Berlevåg area) on this German homepage.