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KONG12 - October 7 to 13, 2005


Bjarne Mjelde, Jan Alvestad (rookie), Ole Forr, Tore B. Vik


The dates for KONG12 and KONG13 are now set.

The KONG12 team is now starting to prepare themselves for the big event of the season. Jan is hoping for 100 new NA loggings plus some Pacific stations. To help him with this he is bringing 2 x Icom R75, one JRC NRD-525 and one Racal RA-1772.

6-OCT-2005 21:15 UTC
The KONG12 team is now underway by car from the south of Norway to Kongsfjord. In this very minute they are passing Røros on their 2500 km trip to Kongsfjord (counting from Stavanger where Jan left this morning). Expected arrival time is Friday afternoon/evening.

Bjarne has already logged the first Australians in the medium wave band, and we see that our friends in Finland have 3 nice Guam stations this morning. We will keep you posted on what we hear too!

7-OCT-2005 05:30 UTC
The KONG12 team has now passed Jokkmokk. Estimated time of arrival is 15:30 UTC today.
For those of you who read this and are located in North Sweden or North Finland (and are not employed by law enforcement) - watch out for a low flying, heavy loaded vehicle!

7-OCT-2005 15:20 UTC
The KONG12 has now safely arrived. Bjarne was already on site, having logged Guam 801.
At the time the visitors arrived several Alaskan stations + some X-band Australians were heard. 

To put the team in the right mood Bjarne greeted the guests with a Kiribati flag (below). From the left, Ole, Tore and Jan.

8-OCT-2005 06:00 UTC
Late last evening some North American stations from the east coast came up. 
Later the conditions turned to Mexico and stayed quite steady during the night.
Conditions were OK, but nothing exceptional.

8-OCT-2005 09:40 UTC
Some more details on last night's log:
XEHL-1010, XEEV-1330, XEAI-1470,
WLIB-1190, KKBJ-1360, KSUM-1370, KCUV-1510, KFXY-1640

The weather is excellent - particularly for this time of the year. It's sunny and a good 15 degrees (60F). Unfortunately Bjarne forgot the camera when they spent a few hours on the beach this morning ...

9-OCT-2005 08:00 UTC
Due to the solar activity the last 24 hours have been quite uneventful.
Quote of the night: "When KSL-1160 is considered a highlight it's pretty dark ..."
But this morning gave an excellent opening southwards to Brazil and La Plata.
Sample stations are LS10 Radio del Plata 1030, LS1 Radio del Ciudad 1110,
CX32 Radiomundo 1170, ZYK688 Radio Morada do Sul 1260.

9-OCT-2005 12:30 UTC
Lots of Japan + some Hawaii stations now.

9-OCT-2005 16:00 UTC
Good signals from Australia in the X-band. Sample stations are Radio Two 1611 with an excellent signal,
 Radio Italia and NTC 1629, Radio Lebanon 1638 and NTC 1647.

Busy behind the radios (from the left Tore, Ole, Jan):

10-OCT-2005 08:45 UTC
Quite a few North American stations during the night. 
Most interesting were KOVE Lander WY 1330 and KGRE Greeley CO 1450.

10-OCT-2005 11:30 UTC
Mainly Alaska now, KAGV 1110 noticed on the air again.

10-OCT-2005 15:30 UTC
Quite busy day with lots of Alaskan and Hawaiian stations. This afternoon there have been excellent conditions towards Japan. Big event of the day was a visit from NRK - the Norwegian Public Broadcasting.

11-OCT-2005 06:30 UTC
A good opening towards La Plata earlier this morning before the conditions turned to "common west coast" (or North America that is). NRK followed up with another visit this morning to complete the program. The program will be aired on NRK P2 Saturday 5-NOV-2005 12:03 CET, and the following Monday 7-NOV-2005 13:03 CET. The program is called "Kurer" - and can be heard here. The web page and radio program is only in Norwegian.

11-OCT-2005 11:15 UTC
Lots of Hawaii stations this morning - and we have ventured further south: 
V7AB Radio Marshalls 1098 is now in the log! 15 minutes later FF audio (tentative Tahiti) on 738 is up with a very good signal, Tonga with positive ID  on 1017 and suspected AFN Kwajalein on 1224. We are now keeping an eye on the new New Caledonia frequency 729 ...

12-OCT-2005 08:30 UTC
Not very busy this night and morning. Some stations from the East Coast and a lot of Venezuela. Weak signals from the West Coast later in the morning. Problems with local noise. Still flashes of very strong signals, but it doesn't stay for very long. The solar forecast looks promising though, and the frequencies are open - so if we just can get rid of the noise ...
Samples from this morning (all on the same antenna!): HJAH-1070, VOAR-1210, WPNW-1260, KRRZ-1390, KARR-1460.

Bjarne updated his blog last night: http://mjelde.blogspot.com/

12-OCT-2005 19:00 UTC
The day was uneventful, but 4KZ with good signal on 1620 this afternoon. 
Extremely strong signals from Asia, a lot of Japanese stations now.

13-OCT-2005 07:00 UTC
This was clearly the best night during KONG12. As Bjarne said: "Another night with difficult choices - NA or LA?" Paraguay on 1480 during the night + other La Plata. In the morning noting for example KMKY-1310 and KBKW-1450.

13-OCT-2005 08:00 UTC
KONG12 is now over.