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KONG13 - October 13 to 25, 2005


Arnstein Bue, Bjarne Mjelde, Odd-Jørgen Sagdahl, Tore Johnny Bråtveit


The dates for KONG12 and KONG13 are now set. KONG13 end date is a bit preliminary and not all participants will stay all the time. Details to follow.

Due to heavy workload OJ must cancel KONG13.

13-OCT-2005 21:00 UTC
KONG13 is now on. It started very well with excellent conditions towards Hawaii all afternoon.

14-OCT-2005 05:30 UTC
Quite spread conditions this night and morning, but still a number of fine stations. Dominant stations seems to be from the northern USA. Sample loggings are KBUL-970, KOWB-1290 and KLIZ-1380.

11:30 UTC
After a fairly quiet period this morning Alaska and Hawaii came with excellent signals. Now at 11:30 UTC we got another few visits from the south Pacific - Tonga on 1017 and Marshalls on 1098. In addition to this there is a lot of west coast stations in the band. Bring them on ...

12:30 UTC
For example KTSN-1340, KEDO-1400,
KBRC-1430  ...

13:30 UTC
Very nice signals from Japan now. Even Bjarne caught a new one - JORB-1152.

14:05 UTC
Enter KUAM-612! Rather than reducing the power from 10 kW to 1 kW at 14:00 UTC it sounds like they have increased it! Cool!

16:30 UTC
... and we can add KGUM-567, KTWG-801 and KCNM-1080. That should be all.

15-OCT-2005 15:00 UTC
Very busy night and morning. Mentioning CHTN-720, WNDE-1260, WYOS-1360, KIYZ. But then - suddenly quiet. However, weak signals from Tonga 1017 and Marshalls 1098 today too

21:00 UTC
Very nice opening towards Japan this afternoon - sample: AFN 810.
Now at 21:00 UTC there is already a lot of North American stations in the band. Hoping to get some daytimers.

16-OCT-2005 21:00 UTC
A good night and day up to 14:00 UTC when things started to fade out. Some samples from the log: WNAX-570, WBEN-930, CKSM-1220, KWYZ-1230, KNWC-1270 very strong, KSLM-1390, KCLK and KRBC-1430.
Not much interesting heard in the afternoon.

Time for food: Arnstein and Tore Johnny enjoying KING-crab (below)

17-OCT-2005 08:30 UTC
The geomagnetic disturbance has reduced the conditions quite a bit, but we had an excellent west coast peak between 04:00 and 05:00 UTC. Worth to mention are KPOJ-620, KKSL-1290 and KROP-1300.

10:00 UTC
After a slow period the conditions are improving again. Noting KPOW-1260, KPAY-1290, KEIN-1310 and KWKW-1330.

13:00 UTC
After a good morning with nice signals from Hawaii - for example KUAI-720, we got news from Lemmenjoki that Fiji was coming up. An hour later we had Fiji with excellent signals (QSA 4 that is!) on 639, 684, 1152 and 1467 kHz. Quite an event!

18-OCT-2005 14:00 UTC
Fiji, Marshalls and Tonga heard today too. Interesting west coast conditions in the afternoon. Just now a logging of KRVM-1280. Also heard: KXNT-840, KBND-1110, XEUVA-1170, KKPZ-1330 + 4QD-1548 and Radio Two 1611 (1610,95 to be precise).

19-OCT-2005 15:45 UTC
Slow morning. Best logging was KBAR-1230. Some Pacific during the day, and then - in the afternoon a trace of something down under on 1476. It turned out to be 1XD Radio Pacific in Auckland that came up with a nice signal during the afternoon. Another great event!!!

We did of course have a New Zealand flag ready for this occasion:

20-OCT-2005 10:00 UTC
Tore Johnny is departing today. Slow morning, but the conditions improved with KUAU-1570 and just now KPOF-910 in the log. Arnstein and Bjarne will stay till over the weekend. Some incredibly strong graveyard stations from the southwest today - KXEQ-1340 almost blew us off the chairs.

14:00 UTC
New Zealand number two - 2ZB Wellington on 1035! In addition signals from Fiji on 639 and 1152, Guam on 801 and 1080. Lots of very interesting North American stations.

21-OCT-2005 08:30 UTC
Excellent conditions ... it started already 19:30 UTC last night with a fine signal on 1230. Since then it has been very little sleep. The crew is to busy to provide details, but we can mention KVNU-610 and KFXD-630. 

21-OCT-2005 18.30 UTC
Some of the day's highlights: XET-990, KUBR-1210, KSXT-1570.

22-OCT-2005 11:30 UTC
Excellent quality signals from Samoa 540, Kiribati 846, Tonga 1017, Marshalls 1098 and 1224 ... What's next?

16:00 UTC
Next is 1ZD-1008 and 1XOR-1386!

23-OCT-2005 12:00 UTC
Excellent conditions again this night and day - although very spread, and very strong dominants. Sample loggings: WSM-650, WAMB-1160, WILS-1320, KRJO-1680. Samoa and Tonga came very nice during the morning.

25-OCT-2005 05:00 UTC
KONG13 is now almost over. Not much exciting during the night, but it seems to pick up a bit this morning.