Kongsfjord - 7043'N 2921'E

KONG14 - October 5 to 13, 2006


Bjarne Mjelde, Jan Alvestad, Ole Forr, Tore B Vik

Receiver summary:
Bjarne: 2 x Icom IC-746Pro, Icom IC-703, Icom IC-7000, Eton E1
4 x Icom R-75, NRD-525, Eton E1
2 x Icom R-75, NRD-525, AOR AR7030
2 x Icom R-75, NRD-525, AOR AR7030+

(Note new sort order, newest on top)

----- 13-OCT-2006 -----
11:00 UTC:
Due to a disturbance from a coronal hole the conditions deterioated quite a bit. Few prarie stations heard during the night, but very little in the morning. However, all in all a very successful expedition. A complete log will follow.

----- 12-OCT-2006 -----
10:30 UTC:
No daytimers last night as we had hoped for. Instead, we had quite a few Brazil/La Plata stations. Conditions towards North America fair througout the night, increased in strength from 0430 UTC onwards. Very spread though... one of us assumed the religious station on 1210 was KPRZ but ended up with VOAR! Some of the better catches include CKGL-570, WFDF-910, KWKY-1150, KCFR-1340, KHNC-1360, KKKK-1580. 

Currently at 1015 UTC we heard an announcement on KBRW also heard by the Parkalompolo crew, namely the owner is calling for his missing half-breed Rottweiler and German Shepard dog "Stay Home". Apparently, the name didn't catch. We're keeping our eyes open though. Sounds like a scary breed. If we find him, should we say "Go Home"?

----- 11-OCT-2006 -----
15:30 UTC:
Excellent conditions this afternoon towards the North American West Coast and Australia! Some of the catches were KKPZ-1330, KLKI-1340, KSLM-1390, KBRC-1430. Australia well heard both in-band and x-band; ABC 855 resurfaced with good signals, 4QD-1548 armchair listening! Radio Brisvaani-1701 also well heard plus most of the other x-band frequencies.

06:30 UTC: Excellent conditions from around 2200 UTC last night until around 0100. East coast stations came in very early, and some rare catches too, like WDMJ Marquette MI and WJAS Pittsburg PA 1320 and WNYY Ithica NY 1470. One very interesting prospect needs to be checked out first. Signal levels were very good - alas the good times didn't last and the rest of the night and early morning was much less rewarding - although conditions weren't bad at all with WJMC Rice Lake WI and KDLR Devils Lake ND 1240.

 Weather is excellent for staying indoor - strong southerly winds and rain, temperature 3C.

----- 10-OCT-2006 -----
13:30 UTC: The good conditions returned. At around 7 UTC to 11 we enjoyed good signals from the western part of North America. Nice id's from stations like KPUG and KJOC 1170, KMAX 840, KPRZ again on 1210, and the graveyard frequencies were swarming with life - unfortunately most of them familiar to us, like KKEE-1230, KEJO-1240 and KONP-1450. 

Later on Alaska and Hawaii had good signals, nice ID from KQNG 570 and we believe that KMVI-550 was there as well. Interesting UNID Spanish- speaking station on 1260, mixed with CFRN and (presumed) KPOW. 

And, as we write this, Fiji 1152 is at full strength!

07:00 UTC: High expectations for the night when Sociedad da Bahia 740 was heard as early as 2100. But suddenly: Nothing happened! And nothing happened for a very long time, in fact signal levels didn't rise to "DX-able" until 0230. Conditions not very interesting though with mainly Canadian/US prairie, stations that are quite common here. A few interesting exceptions like WGY on 810, and we may find the odd graveyard station when we check the recordings.

 Actually the most interesting part of the night was the visit of seven beautiful ladies who were having dinner at the local guesthouse; after a few avecs they decided to stroll over to see what on earth we were doing. Not easy to explain the cable mess and 20 strange-looking devices with huge displays. One of them were of Icelandic origin though, so we decided to tune one of the radios to 189 kHz. Recognition was instant. "That is Rikisutvarpid!". Yo. Message received...

----- 9-OCT-2006 -----
13:00 UTC: New Zealand stronger than ever before! Super signal on 2ZB 1035, also 1ZD 1008 and 1ZB 1080 heard.

09:00 UTC: A very good night. Although conditions were wide-spread as previous days, signal strengths were much better. It started off around 2300 UTC and lasted until around 0600 when signal levels started to wane. Good catches include KBOW Butte MT 550, WIND Chicago IL 560, WKBN Youngstown OH 570, WNAX Yankton SD 570, KPRZ San Marcos CA 1210.

 Several frequencies were monitored more or less overnight, like 1240 and 1230, so there are likely quite a few surprises in hand for us. This recovery from the disturbance was surprisingly quick and may indicate that we have more interesting days and nights ahead. 

Overcast with moderate winds and 4C. Snow on the mountain peaks (which are like, uhmm...400 meters?)

----- 8-OCT-2006 -----
15:00 UTC:
Radio Fiji very strong on many frequencies now! And a new Australian - 4QB/O ABC Queensland 855!

09:30 UTC: Interesting development this night. The Coronal Hole stream was relatively weak, but noticeable. Stations began to fade in very early yesterday evening but no daytimers were heard. Around 01 UTC we had a short but very hectic spot-opening towards Illinois with excellent signal levels. WSDR Sterling IL 1240 up a few minutes with ID and Oldies music. 

Later on conditions were rather standard post-disturbance with stations from Idaho, Wyoming and Montana dominating together with the more common Mexican stations. No improvement in signal levels in the morning though, and at 09Z there are very few (and weak) stations left. The ionosphere appears to be recovering quickly though, and we are ready for Pacific stations anytime! 

Weather: 5C and light rain, moderate winds overnight; 7C, light rain and calm around noon. Expected colder and increasing wind Sunday afternoon.

----- 7-OCT-2006 -----
14:45 UTC:
Fiji 810 heard!

14:00 UTC: Quite a bit of Hawaii heard during the day. KORL 1180 and KHCM 690 (note the call swaps). 
Marshall Islands 1098 and Fiji 1152 and 1467 also heard. Very varying conditions.

09:00 UTC: Another night and morning with very wide-spread conditions. Started at around 23 UTC with the common East Coast stations - throughout the night most of the Americas was audible on the same antenna. Venezuela- 920 and a mix of CHAM, WBAP and KGNW simultaneously on 820. Signals began to fade after 7 UTC and as of writing, 9 UTC, only the strongest West Coast stations + some Alaska is audible. Some of the antennas pick up more noise than others - we don't know yet if the problem is internal or external. Hoping for some good signals from Asia and the Pacific later on! Weather-wise it's a bit windy, partly cloudy and day temps around 5C, night temps just above zero. 
P.S. We're having King Crab tonight...

08:00 UTC: KBRW 680 and CFFB 1230 nice 21Z last night, but had company of R Soc de Bahia on 740 so the conditions were again spread from north to south with little exciting signals...

----- 6-OCT-2006 -----
14:00 UTC:
Relatively weak signals early night, and spread from all over the Americas. La Plata, Venezuela, East Coast, West coast - all on one antenna! Few exciting catches but as we approaced sunrise the signal level increased especially on the graveyard channels. Around 7 UTC the signals seemed to die out but later on increased signal levels from West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii - although nothing spectacular. Early afternoon good signals from Japan during NHK2's local ID slot at 1320.

The rather short 310-degree beverage worked well with little Loran C interference (the local plague), while the longer 333 and 30 degree beverages needed some attention befor they got going. Stations like KMON-560, KJRB-790, KUMA-1290 were heard, and we also heard CKDO 1580 talking to Lemmenjoki participants.

Weather is very nice, clear skies, a light breeze and day temperatures around 4C, at night it drops to below 0. The outlooks seems to be good so we're getting some sleep to be ready for a new night.

----- 5-OCT-2006 -----
20:00 UTC:
The team has now arrived. Clear sky and nice weather...