Kongsfjord - 70°43'N 29°21'E

KONG34 - September 7th to 11th, 2017


Bjarne Mjelde, OJ Sagdahl, Ole Forr, Tore Johnny Bråtveit

Receiver summary:
Bjarne: CloudIQ, 2 x Perseus SDR, KiwiSDR ++
2 x Perseus SDR
Ole: 2 x Perseus SDR
Tore Johnny: Excalibur G31DDC, 2 x Excalibur Pro G33DDC


10-SEP-2017 @ 06:00 UTC
The September-visit is almost complete. All antennas are erected and tested and working well. This includes a new 560-meter beverage with direction towards Adelaide and Tasmania - 80 degrees. This gave us some new Australians the first night it was up - stations that were not audible on any other antenna. We have hope that this antenna will help us improve on our Australian reception. As usual, Bjarne keeps a good record of what is going on, so you can see more about the current action at Veines in Bjarne's blog.